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‘Life in Lens’ is a company that that is involved with everything that comes under the umbrella term of photography. The company boasts of not only world class photographers but also expert and experienced makeup artists and hair stylists. All these professionals are bound together with a common desire to capture lively images of everything and everyone under the sun.

LIL is a registered company that deals with everything that is even loosely connected with photography. We mainly cover fashion and corporate events though we are equally adept in lifestyle photography. And yes, we create mesmerizing images for commercials.

It is the endeavor of LIL to help people treasure happy moments in life. We cover celebrations and create beautiful images that become life long memories of shared happy moments. We have developed a mastery to capture the essence of life whether it is the...

Fashion and Lifestyle PhotographyFashion & Lifestyle Corporate Events PhotographyPre-Weddings & Events VideosCorporate Photography/Videos
Commercial Marketing PhotographyCommercials & Products Designing and Printing of photographsStuctural/interiors
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